About Us

Ken Chan, owner of Ken Zaburo Sushi Bar & Asian Grill, got his culinary training in Hong Kong and has been delighting the public for over 20 years. He was a sushi chef in Seattle until he opened Ken Zaburo Sushi Bar & Asian Grill with his wife Janet Chan in 2004, his third restaurant. Shuhao Huang is the chef behind the scenes, cooking up delicious entrees. From China he received culinary training on Chinese and Thai cuisine.

A family-run restaurant, we try to make our customers feel like part of the family by providing great service and putting exceptional care into the food we make for our customers, just like if we were making food for our family. Our specialty is sushi and Chinese and Thai, and we want to share our culinary delights with our customers.

The sushi bar is a particular highlight because we have fresh, high quality fish. Many places use lower quality shrimp, salmon, etc., but we don't compromise on the quality.You can taste the difference. Aside from sushi, we offer a variety of savory Chinese and Thai dishes.

The dining area is spacious and open, with booths for smaller groups as well as tables for larger groups.